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        A la vie, à l'amour, à la fête.
        It is my mantra, my signature and what I am trying to make happens during each event I produce.
        Géraldine Benech.

        Géraldine Benech
        Founder Artistic Director

        For over ten years, Géraldine has directed, designed and produced events including luxury product launches, press travels and Grand Openings of luxury venues. She have also worked for several years at the press department of the Cannes Film Festival. The close relationships Géraldine develops with her clients, her attention to every detail and her unique flair for hosting have led her naturally towards the design and production of the most emotionally charged events : weddings. Géraldine designs and produces universes that are chic, refined and trendy. Each event is conceived with an extra touch of ‘soul’, which is her signature. One of her greatest passions is to find very unique venues, often located in the heart of a natural setting, close to an ocean or surrounded by nature.