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        25 August 2022

        Arnaud Ducret French actor and Claire Francisci, French dancer’s wedding

        We are humbled and proud to be the event agency chosen by famous artists, actors, journalists, models... The talented Arnaud Ducret and the gorgeous dancer Claire Francisci have chosen us to plan a...
        12 August 2022

        Gourmet wedding in a French 3 stars Michelin Restaurant

        Laure et Julien wedding. This iconic French couple that we are so proud to have in your #lesgrandsmomentsgang They live in La Rochelle city, France. Laure is a fashion addict and she always c...
        12 August 2022

        Industrial wedding in Brooklyn Wythe Hotel

        We follow our couples all over the world and nothing stop us to be with them, even the flights restrictions during the COVID 19. We designed and planned all the wedding for our babes and as we were...
        30 June 2021

        Wedding at the Chateau Villette Paris France

        L&J's wedding. A stunning chuppah and garden party with 200 guests. Our authorization to feature is restricted. So, we share with you below a bit of this fantastic day. Pictures by the ph...
        23 April 2021

        Carrieres de Lumières | Provence – France

        L'été 2020... Unprecedented times Reporter les mariages à l'année suivante, fut particulièrement douloureux pour nous aussi, les planners. Je, Géraldine Benech, suis particulièrement proche des cou...
        14 January 2021

        Theatrical and winter wedding in Provence

        For this wedding I imagined a theatrical wedding in my French favorite region, La Provence. We explored deep colors mixed with an arty romantical mood. Hope you will enjoy the gallery.
        Les Grands Moments | Destination Wedding Planner France 7 February 2020

        Château de Villette | Paris – France

         Château de Villette. One of my favorite château close to Paris, for an exclusive experience and a luxury wedding in France... Photographer : Allen Tsai photo
        3 June 2019

        Château de Carsix | Normandy – France

        To make your wedding unique and to be able to imagine one-of-a-kind celebratory experience, it is my role to always challenge my imagination and my creativity. For that, I regulary plan and design bri...
        Les grands moments - Destination Wedding Planner - Paris - Provence - Greece 30 May 2019

        S & K wedding | Athenian Riviera Greece

        Greece, Athenian Riviera, 300 guests during 4 days. Few images of a stunning wedding in Greece that we have to keep confidential. Photographer : Skiss Paris
        28 May 2019

        Château Bouffémont | Paris

        Very close to Paris, at the lovely château Bouffémont... A wedding that celebrate spring with plenty of flowers. A mix of modernity and timeless. Photographer : Gert Huygaerts